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Brazilian artist Renata Lucas usually works with already existing situations. Based on fictions, she intervenes into found landscapes and architectures making the background become the main character. Her displacements cause spaces to become the main focus of attention revealing their deeper structures and proposing meaningful transformations. In her new work she creates a geometric alteration at the extremes of the terrain of KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin, destabilizing its boundaries and crossing its thresholds. Renata Lucas (born 1971 in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil) was awarded the Ernst Schering Foundation Art Award 2009. With the presentation of two artworks specially made for KW she will debut her work in Germany.

A Greek Orthodox church in Lod, a wedding, a ghetto, Israel 1949. A café in Jerusalem in 2009. Three generations, two Samiras in conflict between ethnic groups, borders, and religious beliefs. With his video works and photographs, Dor Guez creates direct access to a narration, which embodies Israel’s past and present at once. Guez questions ideas around ethnic identity by exploring the history of his family; a family in which elements of Christian, Arab, Jewish, Palestinian and Israeli history merge. Very personal, yet mediated through the camera, the protagonists move between the levels of the narration, thus, multi-layered and split identities surface and internal and external points of views become apparent. In his first large-scale solo exhibition in Europe, “Al-Lydd”, Dor Guez, who was born in Jerusalem, conceived three new works, the two photo series Al-Lydd and Scanograms # 1, as well as the video work Watermelons Under the Bed.

Renata Lucas. Ernst Schering Foundation Art Award and Dor Guez. Al-Lydd
Dates: September 12 – November 07, 2010
Opening tomorrow, September 11, 17–22h

KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Auguststrasse 69
10117 Berlin

Image: Dor Guez, Scanograms # 1, 2010, Detail, manipulated readymade, Series of 15 photographs, Courtesy the artist