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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Daniel Shea

Photography by Daniel Shea, from his Plume series


Realstadt is an exhibition on urban planning and architecture, gathering a wide array of models and ideas for and about cities, or rather the way we deal with cities. Combining projects, solutions and utopias from architecture offices, universities, local authorities and also individuals, Realstadt offers an eclectic, thought-provoking but also highly entertaining view of [...]

Street Photography Now

A collaboration between The Photographers’ Gallery, in London, and  Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren, authors of Street Photography Now, the Street Photography Now Project is a terrific example of the kind of artistic collaboration and inspiration the Internet can engender. Each week, one of street photography’s most established and respected practitioners will post a prompt [...]


Zuckerberg? Who is he? Who is the real Zuckerberg? Here? Or, hm, here? But where is his real Facebook profile?

Today’s Agenda

While agenda setting Google celebrates John Lennon’s 70th birthday we might as well link the Walrus Interview from 1969 again, posted on in July. Now, enjoy a peaceful game!


Speaking of patina in videos about Berlin, here’s another gem from our friends at Jutujo…


Our friend Aaron Rose came to visit recently for an exhibition and used the chance to make a short film about our neighbourhood in Kreuzberg – shot in its entirety on the new iPhone. Funny that Los Angeles should have such a nostalgic view on the city – wasn’t it an American who coined the [...]


General Public Library
Curated by Mylinh Nguyen
Art in General
79 Walker St
NYC 10013
Sep 16 – Nov 13, 2010


For our friends in Japan, the latest edition of Magazine Library, organized by our friends at A Zillion Ideas, was extended until the end of October due to public demand. How come the Japanese are always so stylish with everything they do?

See what I mean?


Have a guess: is this blog post (A) about installation art on Berlin’s Art Forum or (B) a new project by photographer Taryn Simon or (C) about iconic tech prototypes?

Photo 1: Super Soaker, invented in 1989 by NASA engineer Lonnie Johnson.
Photo 2: Atari Video Computer System, invented in 1976.
Photos: Dan Forbes for Wired