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Breathe normally

‘Let’s dance!’, a flight attendant would murmur reassuringly to his co-worker before entering the aisle to perform the ritual safety show. But aviation and innovation seem to go hand in hand: As media usage on flights (board magazines, onboard radio and entertainment systems plus personal mobile devices) skyrockets, air carriers and Lady Gaga are now exploring new ways to direct the passenger’s attention to formerly uninspired safety procedures, while clearly drawing on previously latent performative ideas:

Aware of gender differences, Cebu also developed a safetytainment choreography for male cabin crews. In the fashion of literal version videos the notorious Safety Dance is turned into an equally consequent and perplexing presentation. The next step will be to reconvert this back into lyrics. Will European airlines seize the opportunity?

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  1. kvr wrote:

    oh cebu are amazing – they also have a particularly intrusive raffle and games schedule going on…

    Sunday, October 17, 2010 at 23:04 | Permalink