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All right all right, call us spineless or opportunist or softhearted if you must: we do remember that we said we wouldn’t reprint those Miranda July posters, when, in fact, that’s exactly what we just did. At first, we were just going to redo those 30 sets or so from the initial 100 that had been damaged, when we quickly realized that that wasn’t going to be enough ever since the lovely ZeitMagazin had mentioned them on the side. But seriously, how would you react to heartbreaking messages such as, ‘I am infatuated with Miranda July and simply NEED two of these posters!!’?

So the good news is: do not fret. We can help you. Those beautifully screenprinted posters by Miranda are back in stock, now miraculously multiplied into an edition of 200 – at least for the time being – and of course individually stamped and numbered. But you might find some information on all this here if you look really closely at the bottom of the page. And no, we don’t really feel all that bad for reversing on our previous promise, since all proceeds are certain to be swallowed by the production of our next issue anyway, so it’s for a good cause – it’s not like we’re planning a holiday or anything.

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  1. Miranda July | Culturepolitans on Friday, July 29, 2011 at 20:52

    [...] Mein liebstes Plakat (oben rechts) kann man zurzeit auch neben den zwei anderen oben abgebildeten über den Blog von MONO.KULTUR aus einer auf 200 Stück limitierten Edition kaufen. [...]

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