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After the recent fad of apocalyptic films, television and video games such as The Road, Fallout New Vegas, the so-so Book of Eli, and the excellent new AMC series The Walking Dead, had all had effects on my psychological wellbeing and possibly making me believe that the end of the world is imminent. As always there are lots of conspiracy theories flying around but one which is almost believable and explains why the weather at the moment is so cold is to do with the Gulf Stream flow and the handling of the Oil Spill by BP and Barack Obama. The theory explains that the Gulf of Mexico is the engine of the Gulf stream and allowing the use of millions of gallons of toxic dispersant Corexit mixed up with crude oil has changed the viscosity, temperature and salinity of the Gulf’s seawater, thereby causing the ancient Gulf Stream loop system to stall causing a dramatic effect on the weather system. So what does this mean for us; will Britain’s temperature become more and more like Moscow? Will this trigger the next ice age? Is it worth buying up real-estate in the Southern hemisphere? Will we be frozen instantly like the woolly mammoths happily eating grass one minute and then being served as a delicacy in restaurant thousands of years later? So can we really f**k up the ancient orders of the planet? “Yes we can!” or so the theoretical physicist Dr. Gianluigi Zangari would agree.

For other people they are more concerned about Planet X coming into alignment with our orbit in 2012. Planet X or Nibiru will cause impending doom and a possible polar shift. They believe the last time it came into orbit was around the time Noah built his Ark. These people believe that governments around the world know about this already and are prepared to evacuate the chosen few (doctors, nurses, scientists, politicians etc) to underground lairs. The rest of us would have to face martial law or go off into the country and fend for ourselves. They explain explicitly that forming small groups of survivors would work best by the way. If you want to find out more about this subject then you can go to Nibiru’s founding member’s Nancy Lieder’s Zetatalk’s website. Fortunately for us she is in direct contact with the extra-terrestrials from the Zeta Reticuli star system due to a implant in her brain when she was abducted some while back so you know you are in safe hands!

Want more?! Then check out this nice stable fellow who explains that evolution of our species was in fact aliens visiting Earth and genetically engineered apes to form humans, after all he explains, that gives us a strong proof why we cannot find the missing link!