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Librairie Yvon Lambert: très chic.
– Book title of the night: The Sound of Downloading Makes Me Want to Upload, published by
The Institute of Social Hipocrisy, who anyway seem to have a knack for great names.
mono.kultur is now available from Amazon, apparently.
– Ada would qualify as a great contender for a girl’s name, if it hadn’t been soiled on Prenzelberger playgrounds.
– Nature never ceases to amaze: meet the astounding slime mould.
– Our apologies, Mr. Dullroy, for not turning up last night after all: we did try, but Sofia got in the way.
– Speaking of which, Bar Sofia in all its curious splendour might top my personal charts of favourite watering holes.
Some people still remember Sukia, others do, too.
– Australian tourists really love to meet the locals.
Mampe would make for a top-notch ‘Absacker’, if it didn’t give you such a nasty hangover.
– But then there’s always Alka Seltzer.