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Book Presentation, The New Guide of the Conversation, in Portuguese and English, in two parts, by José da Fonseca, Pedro Carolino

Atlas Projectos presents a re-print verbatim et literatim of the first Portuguese–English conversation guide ever to be published. Originally printed in 1855, this book never fulfilled the role it was imagined for, as the English translation of the Portuguese is clearly incorrect and gives more rise to laughter than understanding.

Being a key example of the problems we face when translating, today this book finds new pertinence as online translators are gaining such prominence. The gap caused by literality – what gets lost in translation – prompts us to reassess and reflect on the language and the linguistic structures we take for granted.

Making it available in printed format once more, without any abridging or editing, is a way to circumvent what has become of this work, until today kept in circulation as humor book in English speaking countries – especially in the renowned Mark Twain’s 1883 edition – and bring it once more to a condition close to the original.

For this re-print, we’ve used the University of California’s digitalized copy, made available as a PDF through Google Books. On the occasion of the presentation, Tony Gill will talk about the problems of translation.
Music by DJ Jean Marie Dhur (Wald & Wiese)

Book presentation: Saturday, February 5th, 6 pm
Talk starts at 7:30 pm sharp
en blanco projektraum
Manteuffelstrasse 73