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Right aftter making into the news and seeing its Google Books agreement with publishers cancelled by a US court, Google discretly launches a new magazine, expected by most to be Google’s first big move into the media and publishing world. Nevertheless, ‘Think Quarterly‘ is not intended to be a print magazine, neither is it supposed to be sold. Only a very reduced number of printed issues are said by Google to be put out in the world, just for matters of getting close to its business partners by providing usefull information. Not only usefull as also beautiful designed by The Church of London, it comes with plenty of colorful illustrations and infographics.

Somewhere was said the design reminded that of Wired. I can easily recognize in their logo the same kind of easy solution Myspace has recently come up with, also in their new logo… but the writing, also already compared to that of Salon and Businessweek seems to be well thought through and put into ‘paper’.

At first sight I can’t help but look at it like a rather good piece of advertising, a conscious move to get people closer to the company and its views, and even though we can sometimes be easily atracted by conspiration theories and feel too sceptical about Google’s plans and moves (which part of me is totally convinced to be trying to rule the world!), I might find myself waiting for the next issue, due to be out in May, and expecting it to confirm the coming to life of a new good piece of information.