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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Views from the Road

Magnum Photos has an interesting project in the works. Starting May 12th, they are sending five photographers (this time, Susan Meiselas, Jim Goldberg, Christopher Anderson, and our favorites, Alec Soth and Mikhael Subotzky) on the first of a series of  road trips around America. Although the project site doesn’t yet have much information, Postcards From [...]


I am enjoying the latest installment that is Condiment Issue 02: Questionable Taste. This issue has been produced in collaboration with BLESS with the BLESS lookbook N° 42 Plädoyer der Jetztzeit published inside the magazine as image shards on each page. In this latest issue you’ll also find another enjoyable interview with Christoph Keller. Christoph [...]

Alt history

Astro Black is a new work from Australian duo Soda_Jerk – showing at the Künstlerhaus Bethanien until 17 April. The four channel video installation is composed entirely of found materials, remixed to chronicle an alternative version of history according to the glittering vision of Sun Ra – a musician from outer space.
The work is built around the [...]

And But So

As The Pale King is about to conquer and destroy (the novel will be published later this week), DFW is back in the news. Says Franzen: “At the level of content, he gave us the worst of himself: he laid out, with an intensity of self-scrutiny worthy of comparison to Kafka and Kierkegaard and Dostoyevsky, [...]


A great new film from one of our favourite German directors, Christoph Hochhäusler, Unter dir die Stadt – The City Below – is a fantastic fable about modern love in form of a reinterpretation of the story of King David. Set in the world of investment banking, it tells of an encounter of the personal [...]


From Argentina with love comes a beautiful little publication that is intimate, personal and utterly charming: Correspondencia. I’ve often been wondering why we don’t see more publications from that corner of the globe, and if Correspondencia is anything to go by, then it’s at our loss: in the vein of Les Cahiers Purple (and whatever [...]


Our friends at Koi Klub are organizing a charity event in reaction to the Japanese earthquake and nuclear meltdown. Please join for an evening of introspective music and art, based on donations.
Koi Klub at CHB.
Remember, Think, Talk and Act for the Future of Japan
Wednesday 13.4.2011 / 18h – 23h (Live performance will start exactly at [...]


Museu Paula Rego, Casa das Histórias, Cascais, Portugal by Eduardo Souto de Moura © FG + SG Fernando Guerra
Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto Moura was awarded the 2011 Pritzker Prize this week, the most honorable architecture prize. Souto Moura lives and works in Oporto, in the north of the country and is the second Portuguese architect, [...]

After the Commodore 64, is NeXT next?

Now that the Commodore 64 has been revived, isn’t it time for the NeXT Computer to make a comeback?
NeXT was the computer system that Steve Jobs created during his years in exile from Apple in the late 1980s. Not only was the NeXT console stylistically beautiful, its processing system was also way ahead of its [...]


It’s been five days now that our cover star Ai Weiwei has been arrested at Beijing airport and kept imprisoned at a secret location – not even his wife has been informed of where he is being held nor is she allowed to communicate with him. Yesterday, a brief statement by the government was released [...]