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Despite being the neighborhood most discussed on the media (as well as here and there) by its sudden invasion of youngsters who are bringing along with them new bars, coffee shops, shops and all sorts of business, Neukölln still feels like the right place to live. Contrary to Kreuzberg, where one can clearly feel the impact the same kind of movement has been leaving already for a while, Neukölln still keeps the same roughness and ‘ugliness’ that has for so long characterized that part of the city.
Although construction and reconstruction is everywhere and renting is not as cheap is it once was, it still feels kind of a natural place, true to itself.
Anyway, this weekend Neukölln arts and culture festival, 48 Stunden Neukölln is taking place, like every year. Every bar, coffee shop, studio, shop, space and even particulars get involved, presenting a program marked by diversity and quantity.
You can check the website and make a search by time, area, space or keyword. Performances, exhibitions, free guided tours to hidden and secret places,… whatever you feel like, there’s options for everyone.

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