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Few hours ago Erik Spiekermann was ironically praising the great return to the handmade when commenting this news, about the poor woman who bought a wooden iPad for $180… believing it was for real! But despite the irony directed to this specific and unbelievable case, there seems to be something going on regarding handmade products and objects. Not only a great number of artists and producers are going back to crafts, as an unparalleled amount of consumers are actually looking to buy these products, showing the capitalist mass-produced consumption system that we’re fed up and done with low quality, polluting products and third world exploitation. If we need to pay, then let us pay for fair products and support fair production systems!

That reminded me of this much praise-worthy project by photographer Jennifer Causey. The Makers is an online archive of people who run, work or develop handmade things, projects, products. Artists, coffee makers, ceramists, whatever profession you can think of. But The Makers is not just the documentation of the people and the products but also their inspirations, their ideas and their thoughts about what surrounds them — about the city they live in.

image credits: The Makers Project & Jennifer Causey