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Dear Friends,

today is kind of a special day for us: yes, it’s autumn, and yes, this is not right, but we’re not so bothered today, because today we can finally announce our latest adventure in the digital world, our brand new and awfully pretty online store

See, about two – or was it three? – years ago, we started on a long and strange journey to a mysterious island named mono.konsum, which promised to make our lives oh, so much easier and lighter. We traveled long and winding roads into the dusty regions of Magento online commerce, we felt our way into the dark and foul-smelling intestines of Germany’s legal system, we swam the deep waters of the Deutsche Post’s obscure and rather confusing pricing system. We struggled with tax officers, flirted with lawyers and fought off the occasional intruder who caught us unaware and actually tried to buy something from us.

But now we’re back – we’ve lost some weight, we look a little older around the eyes and our hair is tousled – and we have tamed the beast that is mono.konsum. In fact, now it’s so harmless and pretty that you may come and look at it. You can stroke it a little, and if you feed it with nuts, then it will groan in pleasure and give you lots if little presents, such as lovely issues of mono.kultur, or pretty dresses of our womenswear label mono.gramm, or those ever so popular posters by Miranda July.

Just a grateful mention of our fearless guide into the nether regions of 0s and 1s, Christian Frey, who patiently bore with us and our helpless questions for all those years. And to everyone else who gave us a helping hand along the way.

In the meantime, we’ll take a rest, make ourselves a cup of tea, and let you explore mono.konsum at your leisure – it’s just really pretty to look at. And to celebrate the pleasures of online shopping, we threw in an extra issue for the first 15 new subscriptions placed through mono.konsum, whereas our fashion outpost mono.gramm tops it off with a generous 30% discount on the summer collection. So there.

All our best as always,
Online Store for mono.kultur, mono.editionen & mono.gramm