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Destructive transmutation in the penumbra of the new Olympic Stadium on the tenth anniversary of the most influential destructive event of the 21st Century. Scrap Club takes place by a site that has probably seen the most destruction and rebuilding done in London since World War II. These grounds shall now also bear the fall of the hammers as excess appliances and products get demolished not by the wrecking ball and arson of corporate sporting glory, but by the participating public.

“Behind matter, Within matter, the creative spirit is hidden” – Wassily Kandinsky

“A displacement and parallel process exists between man and the object he makes. Man, like the objects he makes, is himself a result of transforming processes. It is therefore not difficult to comprehend how as a a mattress or other man-made object is released from and transcends its logically determined form through destruction, an artist, led by associations and experiences resulting from his destruction of the man-made objects, is also released from and transcends his logical self.” – Raphael Montañez Ortiz (from Destructivism: a Manifesto 1962)

At the foot of the Olympic Stadium
Outdoor in Forman’s car park, Stour Rd, Hackney Wick E3 2NT
Sunday, 11th September 2011
13:30pm  – 17:30pm. £10