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We all know the feeling: You feel like the new year really just got started, summer as usual coming way too late before it’s already gone, and suddenly funny things like Lebkuchen or Spekulatius appear on the shelves in the supermarket, and you realize: Christmas is just around the corner. And before you know it you have to worry about presents for parents and nephews, and anyway, where did the year go?

That’s the moment where kindness comes in, because isn’t that what the season is supposed to be about, besides shopping of course? And because not everyone has lovely Miss Read around the corner to ease your Christmas worries, we said to ourselves, let us be kind and share.

So kindness, here it is: As of now, today, November 26, and for four weeks precisely (and yes, four weeks is all you have), we will cover shipping on one item of our choice in our online store mono.konsum. That’s right, those magic two words: Free Shipping. And to start this whole thing off on a good note, we thought we’d kick this off with our beloved mono.editionen #03, with Taryn Simon, since that one really is a treat. For one week, and one week only, before we move on to kindness number 02.

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