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Cosy Thursdays presents Kissenkino

Kissenkino (that literally means Pillow Cinema) is a new event happening one evening per month, with the aim of warming up Berlin’s long, sometimes boring and cold winter evenings. Cosy Thursdays propose you to leave the comfort and solitude of your warmed up flat to step into João Cocteau’s space in Neukölln to meet your friends, watch a cool movie together, have some mulled wine and popcorn.

The first event will take place this upcoming thursday, November 24th at 9 pm. The movie which will be screened is to remain a secret until you arrive, as this event is not as much about the movie itself as it is about the experience of leaving the cold outside and watching a movie with your friends in the dark, exactly as we used to do when we were kids. Therefore, the event is free. The only price you have to pay to join, is to bring your own favorite and most comfortable pillow to sit on! You can RSVP in the event Facebook page.