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Dear Friends,

now that we have entered our 30s, we thought it was time for a suitably grown-up yet wide-eyed subject for this precarious moment. And what better place to look than this most ancient genre of the fine arts that is painting – in fact, an area that we have not addressed this far.

When Belgian artist Michaël Borremans first presented his paintings to the world at the tender age of 37, he immediately caused a stir in the art scene. His realistic yet mysterious figurative images subtly draw one to the centre of a question which remains permanently unspoken. Through the combination of his immaculate painting techniques, using muted tones and classic compositions, and the puzzling scenarios that are at the heart of his work, the artist brings together both: melancholy and humour.

Signed by the prestigious galleries David Zwirner in New York and Zeno X in Antwerp, Borremans represents the modern reincarnation of the classic painter, in the same league as his colleague and friend Neo Rauch. Recently, Borremans also started translating his mysterious imagery into abstract short films, which were shown at the Berlin Biennial 2006, among others. He lives and works in Ghent.

With mono.kultur, Michaël Borremans talked about the mystery at the heart of painting and life in general, his commission for the Queen of Belgium, and why he needs to wear his Sunday suit when he goes to work.

The issue features a whopping 20 plates of Michaël Borremans’ paintings, all printed in life-size scale, allowing you to examine the technical mastery behind his work in breathtaking detail.

Needless to say, the issue is available now through our online store mono.konsum, and at a trusted art book dealer of your choice very soon indeed. In the meantime, have a great start into spring, and with our warmest regards,


mono.kultur #31
Michaël Borremans: Shades of Doubt
“It is not something of beauty underneath.”

Interview by Renko Heuer / Paintings by Michaël Borremans / Design by Anna Haas
Spring 2012 / English / 15 x 20 cm / 48 Pages

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