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Ready for Spring

We know most of us don’t own or rent a piece of land, don’t have gardens or spacious balconies and sometimes neither huge, tall windows (yes, we live in a big city), nevertheless let us tell you that you can still  get your hands dirty!

Terrariums and aeriums have never been as fashionable as they became recently. If you think that’s something too difficult, time consuming or it demands a big effort, sorry to deceive you, but that’s completely wrong. Here you have, herbariums and aeriums made easier. Follow this D.I.Y tutorial (via The Bold Italic) ASAP to put together your mini garden and get ready for Spring.

In case you need some equipment to make sure you properly embellish your herbarium, make sure you check Fort Standard and its beautiful Terra, a geometrical herbarium that will surely fit your indoors deco.

Last but not least, if you’re more of the outdoor type, than we suggest the super ecological Camper Bike, by Kevin Cyr, as well as the Camper Cart option. Though they were both built as sculptural pieces I bet Kevin would gladly put up a D.I.Y tutorial, for the sake of supporting environmental and upcycling movements.