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Another interview - Interview #4 between Harrell and his four-year-old daughter Beatrice.

Beatrice: I want to be a dentist, I mean a hair doctor.

Harrell: What does a hair doctor do?

B: They brush people’s hair and look in there to see if they have any mice in their hair. (She tries to spin my chair around.) You need to do some hip hop.

H: I’ll take that into consideration.

B: My brain doesn’t go away when I go to sleep.

H: What happens when you go to sleep?

B: Get bad dreams, hurt, pain.

H: What kind of bad dreams and pain?

B: About rotting onions and carrots.

H: That was what your bad dream was about?

B: Someone ate a molded carrot.

H: Very scary sounding.

B: Mama is arting in her workroom.

H: Arting?

B: Yeah, making dresses, and watching movies.

H: Do you like flying on airplanes?

B: No, but when we were landing in Nevada everything looked like toys. Toy houses, toy cars, toy everything.

H: Tell me about the turbulence that we felt on the airplane, what was that like?

B: We shook around like a bowl of soup.

H: What do you know about science?

B: Don’t waste gravity.

H: Interesting, what else?

B: Candles are so beautiful they come on like little stars.

H: What are stars made of?

B: A person star, or not a person star?

H: Well, I was thinking of the not a person star, but whatever you want to respond to is fine.

B: I don’t know. When I go to sleep I disappear.

H: You disappear?

B: No, I stay. I’m just wiggling my brain.

H: Anything else you want to say? This is our last interview.

B: Write down my song. (She then sings…) Good bye, good bye, good bye.

You can see a new Harrell Fletcher performance/work in the BMW Tate Live Performance Room later next month too.