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You might think jumping into independent publishing really is an insane idea, considering what must be overcome: non-existent profit margins, time constraints, onerous distribution terms, snooty shop owners, insane printing costs, etc. But, it seems, everyone is doing it. Why?

This was a question explored in relative depth a couple of weeks ago at a symposium at MoMA put on by Paperweight, a new “online project dedicated to furthering a dialogue on independent publishing.” No definite answer was given, aside from a shared love of the printed page and a fear that it might disappear, but it was clear that Paperweight offers a much-needed forum to tease out answers to this question. Built on Arena, a innovative new content management system, Paperweight seems to be a place where the wide variety of publishing voices can collaborate, share, and connect…

And to tease out answers to other, more pressing questions, like where can I get good, reasonable printing done in Los Angeles, or risograph access in Chicago. Paperweight is also a fantastic resource for small presses, where logistical questions are quickly answered. Seriously, finally.

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