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It’s a rare and special thing these days for an illustrator to engage with political subjects, and looking at the amazing George Butler’s drawings from a recent trip to Syria, it makes you wonder why most illustrators even bother with drawing cars and cats when you could actually be doing something, well, amazing. It’s also funny somehow how his illustrations can shed an entirely different light on a subject that we’re only used to seeing in photographs and blurry videos – even though illustration is by nature more abstract as a medium, it somehow makes the impressions much more personal and immediate. It’s a weird effect – not that this might have anything to do with Butler’s incredible talents as an illustrator… Read through some of his impressions of his trip to Syria here, and head over to his website to explore the world through his drawings. And oh, it just makes me feel good to stumble across something inspiring first thing in the morning – and now, off to work, things to do…

All Drawings by George Butler