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The .art domain community

Since the ICANN announced the call for applications for top-level domains, art digest and journal e-flux has applied for the rights to administer .art. Aware of the responsibility of managing a top-level domain, e-flux “envisions this new space as a reliable, ethical, selective, and educational resource for art professionals, educators, institutions, and especially the public at large.” If  granted the rights, e-flux plans to return a considerable portion of revenues generated by administering the .art domain service “in the form of grants and funding for underfunded art institutions, organizations and projects.”

With the August 12th deadline for submitting a public comment to the ICANN extended to September 26, 2012, e-flux encourages supporters to direct comments to evaluation panels suggesting why you think e-flux deserves this opportunity.

A discussion board has been set up for interested parties to contribute ideas on what the .art domain should and could be. For more information regarding the vision for the domain and what it means for the art community, visit