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Like anybody, we love city guides and maps, and even if traveling to a particular place might have to remain a dream for an unspecified period of time, just reading about it will send a little tingle of excitement down our spine. Anyway, city guides are probably the ultimate fun book project, and what a disappointment that all – but one! – tend to be such a major letdown in terms of design, and more often than not even content.

But change is on its way, because Herb Lester Associates have taken on the genre with aplomb, pragmatism and style: their adorable and affordable postcard-sized fold-out maps to your favourite metropolises are true little gems of a companion. Easy to keep in your back pocket, fun to pour over and full of great and carefully collected information and advice, they are obviously a labour of love.

Available here and online, and while you’re already at it, you might as well take a little detour to their very worthwhile blog.