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Ever since I spent a few summer days there, I’ve been a bit of a fan of Helsinki, that strange place on the northern edge of Europe, so I was always hoping that one day, we would have a store there to sell something like 5 copies or so (they don’t have that many people there, so let’s be realistic). The problem was, there wasn’t really any store that would have felt right. So what a nice little surprise when Google Alerts told us that yes! Things have changed and Finns can now also easily and comfortably enjoy mono.kultur thanks to that little gem called Napa, which is a gallery cum book store & publisher cum illustration agency all in one, which does indeed sound like the kind of place we would enjoy. They even have a flipbook competition every year, and that’s Finland for you. We’re all for it.

Napa Galleria
Eerikinkatu 18
00100 Helsinki