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Paris Photo is a deluge of looking. Booth after booth, book after book, image after image; in the end, what stands out? I hesitate to give one answer (and, in fact, I probably talked more about the Barbican’s heavy, problematic photo exhibition, Everything Was Moving, than anything I saw in Paris), but one show I keep turning over in my mind. LE BAL’s beautiful little space, tucked away up an alley in the 17th, was the perfect showcase for the everyday theater of Paul Graham’s images.

Beyond Caring and The Present, two of his best known bodies of work, are on display there through December 9. If you have an anthropologist’s interest in how we carry ourselves through our day when we think no one is looking (and, really, who doesn’t), then be sure to check out this show.

Paul Graham
Through December 9
6 Impasse de la Défense