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Pilgrim Marketing Plan Rebuttal: Take Seven

The hard sounding peoples, ain’t nothing can’t get between us
Dances received from the splash signals so to swim in
Magical places we get and with the shiny women
Win our idle pink girl, our bodies by wraith division
The moonlight and donnin’ cloud glistenin’ glazed, that we giftin
Every sound, we trying to mash and attention
We bung the latest feelings, they just re-rap through the givens

Them are talk first, we are observe and listen
Then shit you off the fiction plots and friction to the pistons
Ladies that twistin’ it, music’s kissin’, you forbidden
Rappers that’s fake, make no mistake, you we are dissing

To dance on the floor, and around, that is our mission

– currently on tour (w/ THEESatisfaction) and next week in Berlin to blow minds all over again: Shabazz Palaces.