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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Tomorrow: Beak> In Berlin

Almost forgot to mention this: Geoff Barrow’s insanely banging group Beak> is going to go wild at Berlin’s Bi Nuu club tomorrow night!


We can always do with a little Flying Lotus to get started on a Monday morning, especially when the video involves a one-armed Elijah Wood.


MoMa is back again this year and running on Saturdays throughout the Tasmanian Australian summer months starting December 15. According to MoMa – “There will be strictly non-dorky workshops, as well as a dazzling array of eat-on-site yummies, and the take-home variety, too. Art works pop-up willy-nilly, as art works are wont to do. MoMa [...]

Tonight in Berlin: Supreme Opening

I remember seeing the first Supreme ads in the Beastie Boys’ own Grand Royal magazine, not long after the now-world renowned shop on NYC’s Lafayette St. opened its doors to the public. The ad was rather small, and quite different compared to all the other obscure label ads for even more obscure vinyl releases. It [...]