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Monthly Archives: December 2012


Imagine yourself walking into Perimeter Books in Melbourne in shorts, T-shirt and sandals, coffee-to-go in hand, sunglasses in your hair. Now imagine that happening right now, because yes, down under it is summer as we speak. Anyway, Perimeter Books, a fairly new addition to the übercool city of Melbourne, but already firmly established on the [...]

Killin’ It

I seriously have the hardest time deciding which one is the better GLK mix – and I’ve listened to both of them back to back for what feels like more than a week straight now. Sorry, neighbors!


Just in case that you are still in dire need of last minute Christmas presents, here are some suggestions where we might be able to help with our nifty little gift list for all wallet sizes – order this week though to insure timely delivery. And yes, we do allow for gift orders to be [...]


With the final track Leaning Towards Solace, Sigur Rós‘ series of videos for their new album Valtari comes to an end. An epic 12 minutes featuring Elle Fanning and John Hawkes and directed by goth diva Fiora Sigismundi, it’s worthy closing to what has probably been the most interesting and brave collaboration on visualising an [...]


Dear Friends,
with the end of 2012 firmly in sight, now seems as good a time as any to lean back a little and have a short look at what lies behind us, thinking, ‘Blimey! We’ve passed issue #30 already!’ Meaning: High time for our second collector’s box set mono.archiv #02, gathering mono.kultur [...]


Although it is -5° in Berlin, there are nice people around, glühwein and The XX to cheer up. Forget the heartbreaks and the fact that it will be even colder in a few weeks; go for the laughter, joy and X-mas markets.


Ever encountered the problem that you had something to say which was kind of too urgent or too personal to send via sms or email, it should be handwritten really, if only one had a decent handwriting…? Look no further, because as of now, you can just ask illustrator Nicole Lavelle to write your note [...]


I don’t mind people wanting to sell something to me, as long as it’s done with charm, and particularly when we are talking about books. Which is why one of my daily pleasures at the moment is Do You Read Me?!’s current daily Christmas bonanza with a little gif for the day and plenty of [...]


Freedom of press is still an issue in a country like China, where it’s next to impossible to get hold of foreign media, which still have to pass through a special committee for approval. All the more important and noteworthy in these circumstances is a festival like Light of Independence currently taking place at the [...]


Tomorrow night, one of our friends who has been with us from the very early days, namely the photographer Uri Gershuni who supplied the beautifully eerie series of a deserted Tel Aviv for our fourth issue with Israeli writer Zeruya Shalev, will be showing recent work and his new publication Yesterday’s Sun in Berlin – [...]