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This year, as any year, really, there has been lots of coverage of that wild beast called the United States of America, place of our fantasies and projections alike for the last century or so. But our fantasies or projections, or Hollywood movies for that matter, don’t necessarily come anywhere close to reality, which is what photographer Theron Humphrey set about finding out when he embarked on that most American of all fantasies, namely a one year-road trip, to, well, meet people.

A person a day is a very mono way of approaching life, so of course we were easily seduced by his super nice project This Wild Idea where he records the portraits, environment and spoken stories of 365 regular Americans who talk about their lives. Simply good stuff, and something to lie down on the sofa to over the holidays and find out what that fabled country of the USA is really made of these days.

Photography by Theron Humphrey