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Parallel Lines (…That Should Have Never Crossed) is a personal photographic gesture on a general sense of unease in the wake of the financial crisis of 2008 when, for just a moment, the underlying power structures of our modern societies were exposed by the failure of the economic system to maintain itself.

The series depicts the outside facades of the Hong Kong headquarters of the world’s 25 largest banking corporations, all housed in close vicinity to one another and on the edge of one of the largest emerging markets that has become synonymous with a global power shift.

Taken from street level, the images describe a highly seductive and influential world that is inaccessible and intimidating to most, and yet impacts on our everyday lives in a complex and intimate manner. The impenetrable presence of these financial institutions reflects the anonymity and pervasiveness of their actions, which were revealed so briefly to the public during the crisis.

See the entire series here.

Photography by Kai von Rabenau

Top to Bottom:
Bank of America
Sumitomo Mitsui
Agricultural Bank of China
Crédit Agricole
Bank of China

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