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Monthly Archives: April 2013


Just revisited this gem of a film from 1980 – I mean, Zgibniew, what the hell.


Last week our mono.kultur #33 with the great Kim Gordon, was successfully launched in Glasgow. Although ‘Washing Machine. Noise Reloaded’ was a night dedicated to Punk, we couldn’t help to spoil our guests with some Oysters and Bloody Mary’s served by our friend Luke Collins. Watching a documentary on Sonic Youth while slurping Oysters! Is [...]

70 Years of Backflash

On April 19th 1943 Albert Hoffmann dropped the first dose of LSD, and we’re still wondering what to make of its effects.
In the mean-time let’s call it Bicycle Day, and let’s roll..

Berlin Nightlight

Astronaut Chris Hadfield, currently on board International Space Station as Commander of Expedition 35, observed a difference in Berlin lighting at night:
Berlin at night. Amazingly, I think the light bulbs still show the East/West division from orbit.
Christian Fritzkowski (artistic name?) explains: “East Berlin (more yellow on the right) uses more lamps driven by sodium gas, [...]


If you happen to be in London over the next few weeks, make sure to catch Light Show at the Hayward Gallery – undoubtedly the best exhibition I’ve seen of the year so far. Bringing together 22 works in which artists have used light as their primary medium, the show includes installations from James Turrell, [...]


Sometimes living in a city you take the weirdest things for granted, simply because you are so used to them. For instance, I was always a little baffled that Berlin underground stations seemed slightly different one to another, but then again I never gave it much thought just how different they really are – until [...]


Even though people don’t buy books, they go for a beer without any hesitation. Broken Dimanche Press finds a good solution to that by publishing ‘beer bottles’ as the new issue of The Kakofonie European Journal of Art and Literature. The multi-linguistic journal is known for taking different forms such as parasitic wrapping, ‘the artwork that [...]


Sometimes, when you produce a little independent title like mono.kultur, strange bonds develop with people you have never met, e-mail intimacies with stores in far-flung corners of the world who somehow found you, whereas you actually have no idea who they are or what they look like. And then, sometimes, you receive a mail saying, [...]


Maybe it’s a German thing that we tend to be dismissive towards our own; for instance, it’s a given that Pop and Germany is a contradiction beyond solving, and any band giving this a serious shot will rarely do more than raise a couple of eyebrows: Really? From where, Landau? (And why are all those [...]


For all long-time readers of mono.kultur who can still remember our issue #1 with Carsten Nicolai from September 2005, don’t miss his installation crt mgn at EIGEN+ART in Berlin, on view until May 18, 2013. (And for all who unfortunately missed this very first issue, you can download a screen version here.)
Information on the installation [...]