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Broken Fingaz -Graffiti Stop Motion from Broken Fingaz on Vimeo.

Broken Fingaz

Broken Fingaz

So I was minding my own business on Warshauer…you know, just loitering…when a blast of fuchsia and chartreuse, conjoined in the oscillating razor gaze of a floating beheaded B(e)ard grabbed my eye.  This looks even better than it sounds.  Then today, I was looking out on the wasteland of S-Bahn tracks on the other side of the street since there’s nothing better to do in such a gloomy day.  Lo and behold, limon and cherry hues washed over unsuspecting me.  The image: a psychedelic sunset blessing a very distressed looking gentleman literally trapped in the surreal.

Lads and gents, I hype the work of Broken Fingaz, who were visiting Berlin until last week.  For your information, the street art collective, known separately under pseudonyms of Tant, Deso, Kip, and Unta, hail from Tel-Aviv and have graced the walls across three continents.  Their style, luscious, hallucinatory, and applied with clashing yet oddly cooperative hues, recall the grandiloquence lines and selective eye for super-realistic detail in pre-90s comic books, and indeed, a lot of their work lay out on the wall separated as if in or actually in frames.  Brazen shock though perverse sexuality (think Panda) and other cultural symbols can often be found in their artwork, yet while their work isn’t explicitly political, like that of BLU (or even Robert Montgomery, if you think about him as a kind of street artist), Broken Fingaz don’t just flaunt technique for hipsters needing stuff.  Their larger meticulous, regimented compositions often appear like (ahem) postmodern dissections of clashing narratives and symbols, daring the sleepy pedestrian to reconstruct meaning their clues.

Best known for their street art, they work across a range of medium, non-commerical and commerical..such as stickaz.