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The Wrong

The ubiquity of digital art, variously manifested as prismatic gifs, Google Map collages, interactive apps/music videos, and photomanipulations, has proven itself beyond fact beyond fad as an expressive medium for both ends–grassroots and elite–of the creative world.  It’s not surprising then that a contemporary survey, long in coming, has finally emerged.  Impishly named, The Wrong, organized by David Quiles Guilló, gathers 30 websites functioning as virtual pavilions, each created by artists such as the digital collective Cloaque and Protey Temen, presenting descriptions, excerpts and links.

Whilst you can’t easily loiter around these stations like at more traditional art fairs such as the recent Venice Biennale, you can sit down with the customary cheese and wine and page through The Wrong until December 31.  If you crave the gallery experience, occasion The Wrong Embassies–Smart Objects (Los Angeles), Mutuo (Barcelona), Transfer (New York City) to name a few–where the biennale’s digital artworks and performances will be shown in a more traditional formats.  Challenge: get to one of these locations and log on to The Wrong on your smartphone; decide for yourself which feels more right, if there should be a difference at all.