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Tracing Godwin is a project by artist Georg Klein, focusing on the story of Godwin, an immigrant from Nigeria. Godwin’s freedom of movement is regulated, nevertheless, by participating the project his narrative could be spread. By printing and hanging the poster with a code  − allowing one to listen the composed sound of him − people from several countries have been supporting Godwin to notify others. Lately, in Horb, Germany, the poster caught attention and turned into a public issue. Questions aroused, unfortunately, some racists comments and articles such as ‘Godwin darf nicht bleibenwere inevitable.

‘His trace is now extended virtually to countries and cities where Godwin never could come. His photo with the pot clothes appears in more and more cities in a site-specific way: with the background of just that wall where the poster is hanging. 
A QR-code is included for listening the voice of Godwin. The audio loop is built out of an interview the artist made with Godwin in Naples. Telling his immigration story his words and sentences can be heard in a musical way, with variations and repetitions around a central sentence: ‘I don’t have to take care of me‘.’