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What drives the science team of the Pioti project to document each millimeter of the around 300.000 stone engravings of Valcamonica in the Italian Alps? Using highly potential 3D laser scanners they suceed in simulating a landscape of the ownknown and yet unsolved secrets behind those rock drawings, which were carved in sandstone around 12.000 years ago. Once the images have left their place we should be able to ‘beam’ ourselves into them by specialized glasses – far beyond the ones we know from 3D cinema – and virtually experience each angle of that prehistorical stone world, according to each individuals perspective. Although laser technology this time might not make us discover hidden evidences as with Stonehenge, but at least it promises an extremely exciting museal happening, no? By all means, the Pioti project remarkably shows our attempt to fathom and conserve reality and how we just manage to restage it, over and over…

Inspired by GEO Magazin Nr. 02/14