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Three years after the tsunami in northeastern Japan and the damage to the nuclear reactor in Fukushima, many people, including a growing number of artists, have got beyond the agony and speechlessness that set in after the disaster. They are starting to recognize that the catastrophe uncovered many hitherto undisclosed rifts within Japanese society, and made it possible to describe the myths of the post-war period, the belief in unrestricted economic growth through cheap energy and in the ability to control nature and technology, as an existential threat to the population.

The festival Japan Syndrome lasts for ten days and considers the question of how Japanese society and the language of art have changed since the events of March 11, 2011. Theatre artists such as Toshiki Okada, Akira Takayama and Takuya Murakawa, visual artists such as Tadasu Takamine or Nina Fischer & Maroan el Sani and musicians such as Toni Kudo, the band Sangatsuand documentary filmmaker Hikaru Fujii will present new works in this framework, of which some are being created in close cooperation with HAU Hebbel am Ufer.

Surely, one of the highlights will be the concert of Tori Kudo & Maher Shalal Hash Baz, as there is a lot more music to be discovered from Japan than Noise and J-Pop…

Tori Kudo & Maher Shalal Hash Baz

Stresemannstr. 29
10963 Berlin
21.05. / 9 pm