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With so many other things going on, we should not forget about our current and hugely inspiring issue #37 with war photographer James Nachtwey. Every now and then, we will publish a few images that he talks about in our interview or elsewhere. We’ll start with elsewhere, because as you might have noticed, Nachtwey is rather reticent about sharing stories about the circumstances behind his images – one notable exception is his detailed account on on 9/11, a day that he, by pure coincidence, happened to spend in his studio in New York, not far from ground zero.

‘I understood instantly that I had about five seconds to live, and that my chances of surviving this were very slim. It was actually a very beautiful sight, with the smoke and the metal and the paper against the blue sky. It was visually stunning, one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. But it was going to kill me, and there was no time to take a picture.’

Read the full account here.

Photography by James Nachtwey