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Monthly Archives: February 2015

It’s A Bubble

Remember Bubbles? Well, whatever, we don’t want to say too much about this hypnotic new Aaron Rose-directed clip about the NYC art scene called “The Bubble”, other than the fact that it features a ton of creative people (aka his buddies) and has a strangely unique (and poetic, thanks to Kipling) [...]


It’s Monday & welcome to the London daily grind: a nice video by Liam Saint Pierre to accompany the first single Off Peak Dreams of Ghostpoet’s new album Shedding Skin.


The Berlinale Film Festival opened two days ago, which is always an exciting time for the city – somehow the mood changes for a few days. Legendary cinematographer Michael Ballhaus – longtime collaborator for Martin Scorsese – was one of the few German ‘exports’ to succeed in Hollywood and an important father figure for the [...]


In the pool of luscious texts of e-flux, Ahmet Öğüt’s CCC: Currency of Collective Consciousness gets the attention by dealing with the problematics of art’s production and the market around it. How to sabotage by not destroying but re-using the tools of institutions and how to be able to counter-attack without strictly cutting the bonds… Öğüt’s [...]


With Björk’s Vulnicura out, has anyone wondering how she got to wearing that beatific urchin? It is the work of Maiko Takeda, a Royal College graduate and Tokyo native whose ethereal designs transform the wearer into humanoid anemones and meteorological events–her earlier shadow pieces are also phenomenal. She predominately designs couture headwear and luggage but [...]

Searching for good news

Sure, there are a lot of bad things happening out there but let’s focus on the positive – after winter always comes summer, Gus van Sant keeps on producing movies we are looking forward to, the second edition of the first recycled Fairphone is in work, the number of Ebola reinfections seems to finally go [...]


There are few magazines that have gathered a following as loyal as the folks around Kinfolk, which turned into somewhat of a phenomenon over the past few years. Who are these people? The Kinspiracy didn’t have to look far. Similar minds think alike.


If you happen to be into hip hop and/or Basquiat, then hell, this is just the thing for you: super productive ruffmercy’s super nice animated video for Young Thug.


Mark Leckey, Circa 87, 2014 (Courtesy: Galerie Buchholz)
Although his oeuvre spans little more than 15 years, British artist Mark Leckey (born in 1964) is already considered a reference for a young generation of artists. After his studies he withdrew from the art world for nearly a decade. In 1999, with the video Fiorucci Made Me [...]