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In the pool of luscious texts of e-flux, Ahmet Öğüt’s CCC: Currency of Collective Consciousness gets the attention by dealing with the problematics of art’s production and the market around it. How to sabotage by not destroying but re-using the tools of institutions and how to be able to counter-attack without strictly cutting the bonds… Öğüt’s vigorous text, that presents the idea of Intervenor, starts with a sincere beginning that leads to deep thoughts…

‘I grew up in a place where civil war was part of daily life, where safety in public space was divided into day and night, into wide roads and back streets, mountains with cages or fields with burned trees. It was normal to have military tanks patrolling in the heart of town with heavily armed Special Forces.’

‘Graham says that para-sitic activity is critical of institutional elitism through an antagonistic dialogue between individuals working in cultural institutions and the cultural workers who are invited or coissioned. Graham underlines the importance of the question, “When are we the parasites, and when are we the hosts?” ‘