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The Maestro

Apart from Shabazz Palaces, Amen Dunes and Son Lux, who’ll be in town later this month, the incredible Shai Maestro Trio is going to play Berlin’s Quasimodo this Wednesday.

The Breezeway

While Mr. D. Shrigley has been busy making tunes recently, November also sees the return of the mighty Shabazz… (Berghain Kantine, Nov. 14), and by the way: the new video to “Motion Sickness” is epic indeed.


If you thought that psychedelic cover art was a thing of the past (hold on, make that cover art, full stop) – think again, because everything is ripe for a comeback sooner or later these days. Enter Leif Podhajsky, the man and mind behind open-mouthed faux marble effects, mind-boggling colour twistings and all kinds of [...]

F Kenya Never Dies: Madame Zehae Ala’s Return

It’s a great week in music: The Palaceer of Shabazz Palaces (and formerly: Digable Planets) took over blogging duties at Gorilla vs. Bear, Modeselektor are going to turn Berlin’s Fete De La Musique (that’s tomorrow) into a sweatfest at Mauerpark, and yet we keep returning and returning and returning to a track that first made [...]


The mighty Shabazz Palaces have announced their follow-up to the glorious Black Up very soon indeed, and judging on their latest offering Ode to Octavia part 12: (Sparkles)… Recollections of the Wraith they seem to have lost neither their musical sparkle nor their knack for long titles. While you wait, you can also indulge in [...]

Pilgrim Marketing Plan Rebuttal: Take Seven

The hard sounding peoples, ain’t nothing can’t get between us
Dances received from the splash signals so to swim in
Magical places we get and with the shiny women
Win our idle pink girl, our bodies by wraith division
The moonlight and donnin’ cloud glistenin’ glazed, that we giftin
Every sound, we trying to mash and attention
We bung the latest [...]

Wednesday Vid

The incredible Kahlil Joseph has blown our minds once (and so hard, so hard), no, twice (well: three times), and has now done it again.


Black Up by Shabazz Palaces was one of our favourite albums last year, so it comes as no surprise that we would be listening very closely when THEESatisfaction, the girls who pinned some of the female vocals on Black Up, come back on their own, with a slightly sweeter funk on their debut album Awe [...]


I can’t really claim to understand the deeper meaning behind Shabazz Palaces‘ latest video for Are You… Can You… Were You… (Felt), but hey, any footage including a beautiful girl on a bicycle works for me, especially when the soundtrack comes from the warped minds of Shabazz.


Time to compile a personal soundtrack for the year again, which proves to be a difficult task this year. Here a little glimpse into what has been on top of our CD piles at the studio in 2011.