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I only found out about the New Left Media last evening but I must, say since then I can’t stop but thinking about doing 5 minute breaks to go back to their page and check for more of their videos.
Super interesting interviews covering American politics, produced by a group of (apparently really young) students. [...]


While Indian art has ridden the wave of the yo-yoing art market to its benefit, there are still just a handful of artists who have received recognition and who are shown repeatedly nationally and internationally. A group show opening tomorrow night at Gallery Nature Morte Berlin provides a snapshot of young artists who represent the [...]


Few months ago, when blogging about this video from Everynone, I came to know Radiolab’s widely famous radio podcasts.
And that was it!
Since then I got caught in their web of highly developed narrative techniques and styles, sound games, and most of all, highly interesting subjects.
They start every podcast with a main subject on which they [...]


I just got to watch what seems to be the next most hit viral video on internet after Arcade’s Fire ‘The Wilderness Downtown’. Tipp-ex’s ‘A Hunter Shoots a Bear’ is an interactive video posted on Youtube, where you get to choose what happens with the bear after being shot by the hunter! Whatever you type, [...]


Iranian cartoonist, writer and director Marjane Satrapi, is enjoying her time in Cannes right now. Currently she is neither a member of the jury, nor is a film of hers in the competition. She still gets free handbags though. This summer she will start shooting her next film, an adaption of her 2004 graphic novel [...]

Writing is fun

Axe Cop is written by five year old Malachai and drawn by his adult bother Ethan. It is about cops and fruit and guns and babies and unicorns and the transfigurative power of biting.


Now that Sam Mendes will direct the next James Bond movie, nobody would be very surprised to hear that Wes Anderson will direct the next Spiderman. Some guys made an attempt to get Anderson’s attention on that subject by shooting a spoof in the typical quirky Anderson look and feel. It probably won’t happen but [...]


Today, the 29th of October 2009, it is the already 50th birthday of a little kind a guy who managed to entertain generations all over the word to tears.
He was born in France, although his father is a native Italian, still travels a lot as well as far, loves to eat boar and is strong [...]