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Few months ago, when blogging about this video from Everynone, I came to know Radiolab’s widely famous radio podcasts.

And that was it!

Since then I got caught in their web of highly developed narrative techniques and styles, sound games, and most of all, highly interesting subjects.

They start every podcast with a main subject on which they previously developed some research on, to then discuss it with different interviewees, questioning them, debating hypotheses and exploring the subject in every possible direction. The themes range from science to music, society, nature, etc., (they call it “a program about science and curiosities”) and it’s not that they reach any conclusions at the end! but that probably they will make you question simple things that you’ve taken for granted, that you never stopped to think about before, or most important –  make you laugh non-stop!

Make yourself a treat and download some of them to your mp3 player to listen to while going to work in these grayish-dark mornings. They will definitely lift your mood up for the day!