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Not long a go I got to know better the work of Everynone, a production studio divided between L.A. and New York, about whom doesn’t seem to be much information around. The video Words, made for radiolab’s episode with the same name – Words, reached a huge audience through Vimeo, and using any promotional tricks or viral strategy (though being featured on Booooooom might have helped a bit.)

If you liked the videos they’ve done previously – some in association with NPR like the Four Corners of Health Insurance, others that seem to be more free and a kind of personal projects like General Observations of People – you will definitely like their latest series called Everyone Forever Now.

Again, they created a website where there’s not much information available and where their videos get the whole focus and dominate the space. And it makes sense, as their work doesn’t rely as much in dialogue as it does in image and sound. They create something between the art video and the short documentary, gravitating around trivial details of peoples’ routines, lives and tastes. As they say on their website ‘ Everyone Forever Now is an episodic motion-based media project. It is an examination of the collective wisdom and expression of human actions.’

That’s it. And that’s probably enough.

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