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Subway systems always have their particular allure, and it’s funny how they come to represent the city they are in – just compare the unique smells to be found in Berlin, compared to Paris or London. What is universal is the way how we will rub shoulders with people from all walks of life, cramped [...]


Three years after the tsunami in northeastern Japan and the damage to the nuclear reactor in Fukushima, many people, including a growing number of artists, have got beyond the agony and speechlessness that set in after the disaster. They are starting to recognize that the catastrophe uncovered many hitherto undisclosed rifts within Japanese society, and [...]


Always a defining moment for the state of photography is the announcement of the winners of the Sony World Photography Awards – that great mixture of entries of young and old, professional and amateur, covering all aspects of current photography, from reportage to advertising. Photographer of the Year is Sara Naomi Lewkowicz, for her disturbing [...]


Despite the title, the new Berlin Quarterly has little to do with Berlin at first sight, besides having its offices in town. Picking up on some of the dustier and quirkier visual elements of old-fashioned literary titles, the design of Berlin Quarterly doesn’t succeed as well as The White Review in translating these [...]


These apocalyptic appearing press photos of the latest events in the Ukraine were published yesterday by the spanish newspaper El País.
Immediately touched by the anarchic brutality of a real event I started to notice that the images would arouse a certain sense for surreal beauty just at the same time they had a shocking impact [...]

Watching the Berlinale

The 64.Berlinale started today, presenting national and international films, shorts, new talents, retrospectives,…
A corporation with the German television channel ZDF allows you to follow the event online: here
Film still of the short film Birds, directed by Ulu Braun


As the largest film festival in Scandinavia, the Gothenburg International Film Festival is presenting an array of films and events. One of the main focuses this year is film made in Russia. The festival has created an outlet from where the situation in Russia can be discussed in relation to film, ideology and everyday lives. [...]


There is always this moment of expectation when the subway train arrives at the station – beautifully captured by Adam Magyar from the other side, slowing down the footage of passengers on the platform to almost standstill and what’s more, to startling effect.


Sometimes we see exhibitions that draw attention to unknown legacies. Interwoven Connections: The Stoddard Templeton Design Studio and Design Library, 1843-2005 is one of them. We had a closer look…
What happens when manufacture and design go hand in hand? What is the legacy and historical relevance of this kind of fusion? The current exhibition Interwoven [...]


Aeon Magazine has recently launched a new film channel- Aeon Film. I’ve been obsessed with it the last few days, checking in to see when new films will come up. Just like the essays in their online magazine, these short documentaries, both classics and contemporaries, continue in the line of their consistent in-depth and bold [...]