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Now that the words by one David Foster Wallace have been tragically limited, we treasure each one of them, especially when they talk directly to us and about our lives (which they usually do anyway), as in his 2005 speech to a graduating class at Kenyon College. Prime Wallace with his pitch black humour that [...]

Supernatural Strategies…for making a Rock’n'Roll Group.

The Rock’n’roll group has long mystified and shocked through pageantry, or distaste there of; if ever it even gave a damn. For decades now, this ‘genre’ of Rock’n’roll keeps going, recycling itself or scrapping [nearly] everything and starting again. Like Jazz, rock is everywhere now. Peculiar partnerships are found throughout its history. Social, political [...]


Big Hearted Business is a wonderful new initiative set up by Claire Bowditch – “As part of a new-guard of micro-business educators, BHB exists to teach brilliant, creative people how to build strong, successful, caring businesses, without compromising their integrity, their health, or their happiness. Through free weekly videos, expert-interviews, affordable online courses, beautifully styled live [...]


This years Master of Fine Art graduates at the Glasgow School of Art, take their exhibition Don’t Leave Me This Way to Berlin. Since the Art School in Glasgow has spawned some of UK’s most important artists, we highly recommend to see the show:
GSA. MFA International Show 2012: Don’t Leave Me This Way
Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien
Mariannenplatz [...]


Writer of amazing texts and books such as ‘Against Interpretation’, ‘Marat/Sade/Artaud’, ‘Illness as Metaphor, and AIDS and its Metaphors’ or the exuberant essay for ‘Story of the Eye’, marvelous book of Georges Batailles. Tea with Thomas Mann, dinner with (Herbert) Marcuse, sex with F, thoughts on books, religion, life and lots were hidden in Susan [...]


This autumn will see the opening of a new and ambitious school called AID Berlin for illustration and image-making which in fact has been pretty much ignored by Berlin design schools as a field of study in its own right. As a little teaser, the school will run a series of exhibitions on illustration on [...]

Nazi Decoration

A new online database documents the vision for nazi Germany as accumulated for “Die Großen Deutschen Kunstausstellungen” 1937-1944 in Munich. Making the images and files publicly accessible opens up opportunities for researchers to explore the eclectic imagery of  “the new era” as postulated by Goebbels and his fellow loons. (in Germanic tongue only, obviously)


Two decades ago, the rapper Chuck D (Public Enemy), described rap music as the “the black CNN”. Rappers in London found their own way to describe the political and social background that led to the English riots in the past week. Here’s an excellent and in-depth article about the subject by writer Dan Hancox in [...]


Syliva Plath’s novel The Bell Jar was the first dangerous book that I ever read. This was the book that taught me that I should guard myself against literature, because novels will speak to me directly in the hours before I go to sleep, they will use my own voice, and they may never directly [...]

making up stories

We love a good interview, and this one is wonderful. John Gardner was a novelist and critic, but he was also a teacher and a human, in the very best way. His writing about writing is generous, practical and principled. The Paris Review compiled the interview from four separate interviews conducted by Paul F. Ferguson, John [...]