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The Breezeway

While Mr. D. Shrigley has been busy making tunes recently, November also sees the return of the mighty Shabazz… (Berghain Kantine, Nov. 14), and by the way: the new video to “Motion Sickness” is epic indeed.

Past Continuous

The best thing NYC’s awesome Dexter Sinister pulled off this year was sending an invite on June 26 (!) that said: “Please come last SATURDAY 21 JUNE 2014 at 10:30 pm to Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius (CAC), Vokieciu 2, Vilnius LT-01130, Lithuania, for the STAGING of Dexter Sinister’s The Last ShOt [...]

McSweeney’s first ever student short story contest!

If you are a fan of McSweeney’s

Lago Di Efterklango

Danish band Efterklang is back — with a web radio station called “The Lake”: “The Lake runs 24 hours daily and aims to be the anti-thesis of commercial radio. Its function is to serve as a platform for experimental and inspiring music, sounds and radio art, without playlists, boundaries or limitations. The carefully curated library [...]

Wishful Thinking

So apparently not one but two wishes came true last week: the amazing Dot Willow shooting a selfie campaign (including that video below), and Fog’s Andrew Broder returning to life with his wicked, weird take on “Wishes”, that song you’ve been watching the whole time earlier last year.


German De:Bug magazine was one of the first titles to offer me work as a photographer, and I spent a few years working quite closely with them; so even though we ended up going different ways eventually, I am sad to learn that after 16 years and 181 issues, the Berlin institution are currently preparing [...]


These apocalyptic appearing press photos of the latest events in the Ukraine were published yesterday by the spanish newspaper El País.
Immediately touched by the anarchic brutality of a real event I started to notice that the images would arouse a certain sense for surreal beauty just at the same time they had a shocking impact [...]


A lovely place in London has just opened by Ivan Mitin called Ziferblat, London’s first pay-per-minute cafe, Ivan began this idea in Moscow, opening his first cafe, he now has a few scattered across Russia and now London. The ideas simple, rather than paying for your nice piece of cake and coffee you pay 3p per [...]

Monday Music: RIP Efterklang

Sadly, the incredible Efterklang are about to call it quits: “February 26th 2014 we will play one last concert in Sønderborg, Denmark, where we grew up,” they announced on their website last week. “It will be the last concert with Efterklang as you and we know it. We are not sure what happens after this [...]


As 2013 and last year’s last minute’s resolutions fade in our post-debauch memory, you find the fireworks to have left mightier mental tinnitus.  Hats off to clubs and bars, but this ancient and rather bizarre spectacle deserve some mention–after all, New Year’s wouldn’t be the same without spark, crackle, and afterglow of smoke buttressing the [...]