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Walking a line between what has passed and what is yet to come, seminal trio to rococo rot have carved an identifiable niche for themselves, and one which has crossed a variety of styles; neither wholly in the realms of ambient or pure electronics. The presentation of their tenth album Instrument will be special, as [...]

“The Tranny Tease” Berlin Perfomance by Slavs & Tatars

Slavs and Tatars are giving a not much publicised performance lecture tomorrow in Berlin.
The collective is presenting The Tranny Tease, December 9th at Junge DGAP.
Tuesday, 9th December, 19.00
DGAP, Rauchstraße 17, 10787 Berlin – Tiergarten


Kindness, the solo project of British singer Adam Brainbridge, announced his second album Otherness and shared a new song called This Is Not About Us. Besides that it is a cool 80’s-throwback track, the video is dominated by the simple style and the absolutely brilliant choreography that is performed by Brainbridge and the second person [...]


On one of the most famous streets of Berlin, Oranienstrasse, in the heart of Kreuzberg, a performance in a glass-walled container has been taking place. In collaboration with Hebbel am Ufer, artist Dries Verhoeven is performing his piece Wanna Play? by living in the container. In this period of fifteen days the artist is communicating [...]


“I mean, how you engender line, and the qualities you imbue this engendering moment with, are up to the individual artist. That’s what creates distinct performances.” says acclaimed choreographer William Forsythe. From legendary ballet dancer Sylvie Guillem’s perfect pirouettes to the charcoal lines, tables and ropes, Forsythe has been creating astonishing moments with bodies.
Nowadays, bodies are [...]


Despite the unnecessary effects, one can also encounter interesting articles or projects via facebook. A new discovery by the suggestion of the blog crap=good is MUSEE MUSEUM in Brussels, influenced by  The Imaginary Museum of Andre Malraux. It is “a temporary museum in a specific neighborhood where the houses are seen as the archive cellars [...]

Cuts In The Middle

Now that the Internets have survived this and Sir William Benjamin Bensussen aka The Gaslamp Killer has recovered just fine from his insane scooter accident – it’s been a year, and see above -, he’s going to go crazy (as usual) at Berlin’s Gretchen tomorrow night. Wicked!


‘I am thinking a lot about next year, and what is my next step. I am preparing something that I should not talk about because that is bad luck,’ Marina Abramović told us last year of our mono.kultur #35 – meaning that ‘next year’ is now, and indeed, today is the first day of Abramović’s [...]


In a nod to Randall Island’s history, this year’s Frieze New York Projects was built on theme of leisure and play. While the sprawling fair was a veritable smorgasbord, with established favorites (ex. Yayoi Kusama), the mental (Takeshi Murata’s Melter 3-D), the bizarre (Slavs and Tatar’s Blinky Book), my favorite piece came from these commissioned works: [...]


Three years after the tsunami in northeastern Japan and the damage to the nuclear reactor in Fukushima, many people, including a growing number of artists, have got beyond the agony and speechlessness that set in after the disaster. They are starting to recognize that the catastrophe uncovered many hitherto undisclosed rifts within Japanese society, and [...]