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Protests in Turkey are going on while the type of gas used by the police is constantly changing. First it was burning eyes, make one puke; then the one that hurts the skin… The last but not least is affecting the ability to think properly. Bring it on Mr. President!
The violence of the police increase. [...]


2011 has been a year of the worldwide social protests. North African countries have overthrown their despots, but now they are facing equally significant challenges. Is the moment of the overthrow of the dictator a right moment to end protests? Eastern European countries, such as Belarus and Russia, have not yet witnessed the mass protests [...]


2011 was the year of resistance. After revolutionary movements and occupy waves, it is the protester the Time magazine declares as the person of the year. The accompanying essay by Kurt Anderson gives an interesting insight.


We mentioned Port magazine before, and with its last three issues, it has matured into one of the best titles on style and life that combines writing of the highest quality with a great and sophisitcated design. So we were all the happier when they got excited about a reportage we did years ago in [...]

history and imagination

The International Literature Festival Berlin has kicked off with an impressive program of 180 events over 11 days.
Tonight Javier Cercas reads from and talks about his latest book The Anatomy of a Moment: Thirty-Five Minutes in History and Imagination. Read Gideon Lewis-Kraus’ excellent review in n+1.

Blast from the past

“Modernism began in the magazines“: The Modernist Journals Project. (via). What a blast…

I would like to be smarter

I had a conversation last night with a man who is working to develop neuro-enhancers. Do you take them yourself? I asked, casually. I wondered secretly whether the field of neuro-enhancement research was progressing at a faster rate than all the other neurosciences.
He said that he did not. He is happy with the [...]

lie to me

I recently spoke with an artist living and working in Tehran. He gave an account of his work that was complex, sophisticated and plagued with inconsistency. I realised that it was a fiction – a parallel universe manufactured to shield his work from the scrutiny of the authoritarian government. He was confident that the ponderous [...]

IQ.ORG AND JULIAN ASSANGE was the personal blog of Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange.


Oh Baltimore – you get us every time; now you’ve done it again…