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Look at this distorted image of an antique cupboard. Wrong – try again: look at this image of a distorted cupboard! True. Weird things are happening in the world of product design.

Reams of Broken Skateboards

If you ever wondered if there is a life after death for skateboards.

The Pink Pipes of Berlin

‘Some say Berlin is young, hip and artsy. I say it’s funny because it’s got pink pipes,’ says photographer Robert Hermann.


Legendary name Björk just keeps being unbelievable! Thrilled by the new video directed by Andrew Thomas Huang.


Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Tree of Codes, published by London based Visual Editions, is not written by him but rather (die)cut by him! The writer of Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close takes his favorite book The Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schulz in order to cut and create a new story out of it. It is [...]


Absurdity, weird sounds, prostheses and hung bodies. Watching the perfect technique of the perfect/androgynous bodies of the cyborg dancers/creatures of The Company Marie Chouinard is a pleasure. Dismantled pieces become a body part of the dancer, allowing h(er/im) to deconstruct the body in the strangest ways.
“The work’s movements plumb the insoluble mystery of the body, [...]


Some of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss this documentary narrating the life of Swiss artist Jean Tinguely: his lunatic sculptures starting to move in uncontrollable ways (some of them even making music), his courage to destroy his own work(s) as in the case of ‘Homage to New York’ (1960), his collaboration with Niki de [...]


Medea is a project directed by Dimitris Papaioannou with the team of Mesa Project. As Die Walküre by Wagner, their work lasts six hours, from 17.30 till 23.30. The exciting point of this project is that, as an audience, one may come and go whenever s/he wants, create her/his own composition by choosing when and [...]

Ready for Spring

We know most of us don’t own or rent a piece of land, don’t have gardens or spacious balconies and sometimes neither huge, tall windows (yes, we live in a big city), nevertheless let us tell you that you can still  get your hands dirty!
Terrariums and aeriums have never been as fashionable as they became recently. [...]

Clipping Flatlands

Turkish sculptor Mehmet Ali Uysal interrupts flatlands. Seen on ignant.