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We mentioned before our favourite football culture blog Jyuuichi, but that won’t stop us from mentioning them again, since they will be covering the visual flanks of Friday night, with a series called Geographic EM as well as a series on soccer equipment – both of them our hosts at Studio B liked so much [...]


With the Euro 2012 increasing in pace and excitement, we wanted to invite you to watch with us what promises to be an epic and politically highly sensitive game between Germany and Greece this Friday at the fantastic temporary space run by Studio B, who kindly invited us to host the evening.
And since football is [...]


Since the world cup in Germany in 2006, public viewings of the football cups have become a beautiful tradition in Germany, and there’s hardly a café, restaurant or bar that has not large-screen transmission during the euro cup. One of the nicer spaces, however, is the temporary Studio B, off Alexanderplatz, which has just the [...]


Tonight we hear, there is some kind of big sports event, so a Mr David Watson’s incredibly stylish poster designs to accompany the Euro Cup’s kickoff are a perfect reminder what the buzz is all about. Sometimes, there is no need to reinvent the wheel, when good old craft does the job just as well. [...]


This is 2012, which means that in a few weeks, the Euro Cup is going to drop, and we’re already looking forward to watching the drama on the fields in various outdoor spaces all over Berlin. In the meantime, you can warm up a little with Jyuuichi, a blog examining football culture through the eyes [...]


Russian photographer Valery Katsuba began exploring the aesthetics of acrobatics and gymnastics in a series entitled Phiscultura. Inspired by photographs taken in the gymnasiums of St. Petersburg in 1901 that he discovered in the state archives, he recreated the style of the era to demonstrate the similarities between now and then.
“I naively imagined that fitness [...]


The Lightning Vest is one cool (and practical too) bike accessory that I’ve recently come across. It’s a hand-netted, highly visible safety vest made from a custom developed 3M reflective material. I want one!

Bikini Bodies

No, it’s not Halloween, yet. But Martin Schoeller explores equality in muscle materialism and shot some incarnated athletes, not complete without lipstick.


Fashion and film are an odd match somehow – what works so well with photography, as in clothes + imagery = seduction, seems to have a hard time to really touch ground with motion film, for some reason. But there is always hope when talented minds such as the guys at Fantastic Man set their [...]


Bratwurst + Beer + Boxing at Berlin’s finest beer garden = pretty good deal… at least if you’re not already pigged-out and hungover from Saturday’s amateur soccer + Grill Royal Wurst mayhem, I guess.