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Pottery is one of the oldest existing crafts. A great part of the history of pottery is prehistoric, part of past pre-literate cultures. The ceramic act of making pottery wares or artwork was never so present as in contemporary artistic practices. From homemade pottery vessels to ceramic objects that take the form of food. Here’s a [...]


Dear Friends,
since it is that time of the year again, we proudly present our mono.kalender for 2014 – as usual, it comes free with any order through our online store, as of last week and while stocks last. Did we talk about kindness yet?
All our very best and enjoy,


The art of decorative lettering seems to be a particularly American craft, and sometimes enviably so. So no surprise that Penguin US should have come up with the idea for a special edition of lettered-cover classics, and who better to face the task than Jessica Hirsche, who has already crafted so many of our McSweeney’s [...]


Hardly a new title with eight biannual issues under their vintage leather belts, Inventory is somewhat of a bible for those who appreciate hand-crafted mountain boots that will last you forever or anything else that has written ‘authentic’ in capital letters all over it. Based in Vancouver and attached to a fashion store of the [...]


It’s one of those random bits of news that you stumble upon every now and then get stuck with, like, ‘While there is no precise count, some experts believe New York is home to as many as 800 languages.’ Hold on, 800? Or have you ever heard of Vlashki, Garifuna, Mamuju? Neither have I, but [...]


‘Let them eat pepper gas’
Recep Tayyip Antoinette
‘Welcome the the gas festival’, ‘There is a beach under the stones’, ‘There is a revolution going on here, Signorita’,‘I could not find a slogan’ were some of the slogans written on the walls of beauteous cities of Turkey, the land of pepper. All you have been seeing in the news was a [...]

All Hail Kahlil (again)

Now that the tired old joke about Kriss Kross is no longer a joke, and the April Fool’s thing about Boards of Canada turned out to be no joke either (not to mention B. Kruger, who wrote down the biggest/truest sentence of the year 2013 in a document entitled “fools.doc”), we don’t want you to [...]


This year, as any year, really, there has been lots of coverage of that wild beast called the United States of America, place of our fantasies and projections alike for the last century or so. But our fantasies or projections, or Hollywood movies for that matter, don’t necessarily come anywhere close to reality, which is [...]


Ever encountered the problem that you had something to say which was kind of too urgent or too personal to send via sms or email, it should be handwritten really, if only one had a decent handwriting…? Look no further, because as of now, you can just ask illustrator Nicole Lavelle to write your note [...]


Beck is back, and not in any way we would have imagined. For his latest album, Beck teamed up with our favourite publishing house McSweeney’s (founded, of course, by Captain Dave Eggers, gracing the cover of mono.kultur #25), which is due for release in early December. OK, you say, so why would someone like Beck [...]